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Meet Soft Sense

Soft Sense is a privately held soft wearable technology company founded by Professor Wenlong Cheng from Monash University Department of Chemical Engineering in 2019. Our headquarter is located in Melbourne, Australia. Our team with has multidisciplinary expertise focuses in formulating the world thinnest wearable sensor. 


Soft Sense's Vision

" Develop groundbreaking soft sensing technologies that can connect healthcare whenever we want and wherever we want "


Soft Sense's Technology


The wearable devices such as body posture monitor, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor etc. in the market today are heavily relied on conventional rigid wafer and circuit board technologies, which made the device rigid and bulky. This causes discomfort and burden to users, making it impractical for a long term continuous monitoring.

Soft Sense is strong in materials innovation which we believe it is the key for true breakthrough in future healthcare. Our multidisciplinary experience in translating material innovation into medical device prototypes that are ready to test in clinical setting. The team of experts cover the fields of nanotechnology, material engineering, chemical engineering, electronic engineering, biomedical engineering, information technology and clinical sciences.


By using the cutting-edge electronic-skin technology, Soft Sense has the capability to develop lightweight, soft, ultrathin, skin-conformal and non-intrusive wearable devices, like everyday bandaid with typical weight of <10g and a footprint of ~60mm x 30mm. Such smart bandaid is very comfortable to wear and simple to use, enabling stick-n-play feature, yet able to communicate data wirelessly to smart phones and ultimately to cloud storage. 

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